Introducing Tweetfave

Tweetfave logo

Tweetfave is a free service to help you get more out of Twitter favorites. Tweetfave monitors your Twitter feed and sends the tweets you mark as favorite to your inbox.

I built Tweetfave for myself (“scratching my own itch”) and it’s really helped me track and remember interesting tweets and links. It’s especially useful when reading my Twitter feed on a mobile phone. If I don’t have the time (or patience) to read linked articles on the phone, I’ll mark the tweet as a favorite, knowing it will arrive later in my inbox.

Give Tweetfave a try and let me know if you find it useful, and whether it changes any of your Twitter favoriting behavior. (In my case I have favorited over 5000 tweets since I started working on this project. I’ll save the details for another post…)

Screenshot of sample Tweetfave email

Tweetfave sends the tweets you marked as favorite to your inbox