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My Current Podcast Playlist

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I like to periodically drop my podcast subscription list here for anyone interested, and so I can look back and see how my interests have changed :) (Search here for some previous updates.) Lately I’m mostly listening to software or startup podcasts, but have started following a lot of woodworking ones as well as I try to find time for my woodworking hobby!

Tech / Software

Hanselminutes – Fresh Talk and Tech for Developers [rss]

The Changelog [rss]

.NET Rocks! [rss]

Build Your SaaS – running a startup in 2019 [rss]

The Ars Technicast [rss]

Startups / Business

DataSnax Podcast [rss]

MegaMaker [rss]

Import This [rss]

The Tim Ferriss Show [rss]

The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast [rss]

Woodworking / Makers

Making It With Jimmy Diresta, Bob Clagett and David Picciuto [rss]

The Modern Maker Podcast [rss]

Made for Profit [rss]

The Green Woodworker Podcast [rss]

If You Build IT Podcast [rss]

Measuring Up Podcast [rss]

The Make or Break Show [rss]

Forked Up: A Thug Kitchen Podcast [rss]


NASCAR on NBC podcast [rss]

Sports Media with Richard Deitsch [rss]

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Podcast Update and Return of Feed Readers

What podcasts am I listening to these days? (Hypothetical question; no one actually ever asks me that…) Similar to what I’ve done in the past years, here’s a quick update.

First of all I’m still using the Downcast podcast player and really like it. There are a few new non-Apple podcast players getting a lot of buzz, but I haven’t had a reason to switch yet.

Here’s my current podcast subscription list. It’s still mostly technical podcasts but I’ve picked up a few maker and woodworking shows in there as well:

Also thanks to episode #240 of The Changelog, I’m now using a feed reader again – Feedbin. Currently I’m using it to follow all my podcasts so I can read all the show notes. (Downcast’s OPML export feature makes this really easy.) I’m still not sure whether I’ll get back into feed reading like the glory days (AmphetaDesk, Bloglines, Google Reader), but for now this is really handy.

Feedbin screenshot

Feedbin home page with all my podcast feeds (click for larger image)
Feedbin feed setting screenshot

Feedbin has a nice feature showing the publishing timeline for each podcast (click for larger image)

Recommended Tech Podcasts

Microphone photo

Here’s what I’m currently listening to when I can. They’ve been piling up a little bit now that my commute is so short, but last week I had a round-trip drive from San Jose to Fresno so really got caught up :) See last year’s updates at
Best Technical Podcasts.

.NET Rocks! [rss]

Hosted by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell, this is probably the podcast I’ve listened to the longest. As their site says, the shows “range from introductory information to hardcore geekiness.” In particular I really like their “geek out” episodes, most recently: Supersonic Aircraft Geek Out

Startups For the Rest of Us [rss]

Continues to be a favorite of mine with lots of discussion around bootstrapped startups, with updates from hosts Rob Walling and Mike Taber and occasional interviews.

Hanselminutes [rss]

Still one of my favorites. Scott is really a great interviewer and has a real variety of guests & topics. Recent interesting episode (with a sweet tag line): Failure – “What if you fake it and don’t make it?” with Kronda Adair

Giant Robots Smashing into other Giant Robots Podcast [rss]

Ben Orenstein and Chris Toomey talk about design, code and marketing decisions for a couple of thoughtbot SaaS products.

Bootstrapped Web [rss]

Brian Casel and Jordan Gal give weekly updates on their own “bootstrapped” web projects, with occasional guest interviews.

The Changelog [rss]

All open source, all the time. Recent (awesome!) episode: The Changelog #200: JavaScript and Robots with Raquel Vélez (rockbot)

RunAs Radio [rss]

Hosted by Richard Campbell (also co-host .Net Rocks!), this podcast is more IT-focused rather than developer-focused. Recent interesting episode: The Infrastructure Release Pipeline with Steve Murawski and Michael Greene

Software Engineering Daily [rss]

I found this one when I heard that Tim Berglund would be talking about Cassandra and have stuck around for a nice variety of technical interviews.

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Best Technical Podcasts

Podcast Equipment Photo

Every so often I like to publish my current podcast subscriptions (last update from late 2013: Top 7 Technical Podcasts). Since joining DataStax a year ago my commute time is significantly shorter, so I’ve slimmed down my playlist as well.

Here is my current subscription list:

Hanselminutes [rss]

One of my favorites. Scott Hanselman is a great interviewer and runs through a broad variety of guests.

Giant Robots Smashing into other Giant Robots Podcast [rss]

One of my other favories. Ben Orenstein from Thoughtbot hosts. Plus, the title is cool.

.NET Rocks! [rss]

I’ve been listening to these guys for over 10 years now, and they’ve recently hit episode 1132. That’s a lot of podcasts! In March 2014 they merged in The Tablet Show (which had 130 episodes on its own). These days it’s not only about .Net, but covers a lot of different technologies and platforms. The Geek Out espisodes are especially good, if you’re in to that sort of thing.

RunAs Radio [rss]

Hosted by Richard Campbell (also of .Net Rocks!), this podcast is more IT-focused, giving a slightly different perspective.

The Changelog [rss]

I kind of dropped out of this one for a while, but recently have been catching most episodes. They cover a nice cross-section of different open-source projects.

Startups For the Rest of Us [rss]

Rob Walling and Mike Tabor covering all aspects of bootstrapping and running your own SaaS business. It makes me wish I was actually doing that, but in the meantime I enjoy hearing about it.

Zen Founder: Startups. Family. Life. [rss]

From Rob Walling (of Startups for the Rest of Us) and his wife. I’ve only recently starting listening, but it seems promising.

Product People [rss]

I really enjoyed the interview style and variety of guests on this show by Justin Jackson. It’s no longer regularly produced (last episode was December 2014), but I’m still subscribed to scoop up any new ones.

Kalzumeus Software Podcast [rss]

It’s not published very often, but still worth hearing the latest ideas from Patrick McKenzie and his experiences running SaaS businesses.


I’m still using and can highly recommend the Downcast iPhone app. It has a handy export feature for your podcast subscription list in OPML format. I have a simple Python script ( which converts it to Markdown text, then I just added my review comments to create this point.

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My Podcast Set I by Patrick Breitenbach (Flickr)

Top 7 Technical Podcasts

Modified Podcast Logo with My Headphones Photoshopped On

Here’s a list of all the technical/startup podcasts I’m currently listening to – my own personal “top 7”. I have a longer commute now and whether in the car or the train, I’ve had lots of time to keep up. I’ve branched out and tried a LOT of different shows but these are the ones I’ve stuck with.

I can also highly recommend the Downcast podcast app for iPhones – see also my Downcast review from earlier this year. The app has continuous updates and improvements, and is rock solid.

Without further delay, here are my top technical podcasts:

Product People [RSS]
“A podcast focused on great products and the people who make them”, hosted by Justin Jackson (@mijustin). I’m really enjoying the variety of topics and interviewees on this show. Justin does a great job as interviewer and you can tell his passion for these people and their projects. A final bonus: many of the shows are split into two parts to keep their lengths reasonable.

Hanselminutes [RSS]
Probably my all-time favorite podcast. Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) gets a broad variety of guests to appear, and always keeps it interesting. Scott also has a ton of respect for the listener – when guests mention buzzwords or new technical concepts, he always asks the right questions to help keep the audience up to speed. His shows are also always a reasonable length with no extra chit-chat, just the content.

Startups For the Rest of Us [RSS]
This is probably the first “startup” podcast I started following. Hosts Mike Taber (@singlefounder) and Rob Walling (@robwalling) do a great job each week talking about their own startup experiences, with a focus on bootstrapping. Good mix of stories/ideas/interviews along with a healthy dose of answering listener questions.

Kalzumeus Software » podcasts [RSS]
Patrick McKenzie (@patio11) is an infrequent podcaster, but always delivers great content. Patrick shares his experiences running SaaS businesses and in particular trying to educate startups on the value and techniques of proper marketing.

Giant Robots Smashing into other Giant Robots [RSS]
Produced by Thoughbot and hosted by Ben Orenstein (r00k), Giant Robots covers a broad range of software design, development, and business. The guests are always great, and sometimes include internal Thoughbot team members. Ben is a great interviewer, and his enthusiasm shows.

.NET Rocks! [RSS]
I think this is first podcast I started listening to, probably back in 2003 or 2004. (I think I started by burning CD-Rs and listening in my car.) Carl Franklin @carlfranklin) and Richard Campbell (@richcampbell) have been at this for a LONG time, with over 900 episodes recorded since they started in 2002. The show covers all aspects of the .NET platform and related technologies and Carl and Richard make a great pair.

The Tablet Show [RSS]
Also by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell, The Tablet Show started in 2011 to focus on mobile and tablet software technologies. It’s a good complement to .NET Rocks and branches out more often away from strictly the .NET world.