Finally changing my Yahoo! ID

Like most people, I’ve had a Yahoo! ID and mail account for a long time. In addition to being useful for throw-away things like registering for software downloads, I use it for all of the Yahoo! Groups that I’ve subscribed to.

I’ve used it pretty much spam-free until about a month ago at which point it became overwhelming. Normally for a throw-away account I wouldn’t care, but I occasionally do use it for real buy isotretinoin accutane mail, so it was getting quite annoying.

I managed to resurrect my original (but long-dormant) Yahoo! ID, even though I didn’t have access to the old Earthlink mail account. I was quite pleased with myself until, upon reactivating the account, I saw that it too was awash in spam!

After all that…I’m closing these two and created a brand new one. We’ll see how long it stays spam-free.

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