Welcome to my small corner of the Internet!

I’ve been blogging here on cantoni.org since July 1999, originally as one of the early beta testers of CityDesk, then starting in 2002 with several versions of MovableType. Finally in early 2014 I switched to WordPress. Some of the older articles have a decent amount of traffic. Try searching for “top mobile websites” to get an example.


I’ve been a software team leader/manager for many years, having worked in several different industries. I’ve worked at companies like Palm, Yahoo, and Citrix and in 2014 joined DataStax to lead part of the DataStax Enterprise development team. For more detail, you can check out my LinkedIn profile.


I’ve been able to use my experience to improve web and communications for several sports clubs including:

Side Projects

I have a few side projects such as:

  • Tweetfave – free service which sends you Twitter “favorited” tweets to your inbox for reading later
  • Scooterlabs – a few online experiments and apps
  • Cantoni.mobi – directory of mobile websites; still very popular with older mobile phones and low-bandwidth internet users


The best way to reach me is by email: brian AT cantoni.org.

Other places you can find me include:

I’m also on Google+ — I don’t really write much there, but want to make sure that Google doesn’t forget about me!

Brian Cantoni