Transforming with Movable Type

After almost 8 months of use with CityDesk, I’ve moved over to Movable Type. CityDesk is great and I still use it for a couple of other sites, but there were a few limitations that I wanted to move past.

CityDesk is a client application, so it’s not possible to post to your web site remotely (say, from the office or while traveling). This is probably the biggest limitation that I faced.

CityDesk can be used as a weblog, but is somewhat cumbersome in that mode. Creating entries in MT is much easier.

I’ve imported most of my CityDesk content into MT and now need to figure out how best to handle the old URLs. I kept many of the URLs the same, but others needed to be changed to the new layout. I’ll need to come up with a good way to redirect those old articles, so for now I’ll leave them in place.