• Chuck Cantoni – my father – this site should be considered a “work in progress”
  • Bernosky Family – this is the personal/family site for Phil Bernosky who is a good friend; for his latest hobby (digital photos), check out Phil’s gallery at PBase; to see why Phil is going to be really rich some day, check out his startup company
  • A co-worker of mine – Edgar Lee – has created a really cool web site that shows off his skill with a digital camera: Dog Chow; Edgar is also a Photoshop wiz as illustrated by Skate & Pepper’s Filmography page
  • Another co-worker – Carlos Chavez – is also a digital camera hobbyist (notice a trend yet?); he has taken hundreds of pictures from his travels and posted the best ones on his new site:
  • Chris Weiss – who for some reason has the nickname StickyC – has a personal site named (drum roll…); in particular, check out “StickyC TV” which has webcams both at home and work!
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