Move to Pair Complete

With the renewal for my domain coming up, I decided to dump and instead move to (part of Pair Networks which I’m using as a web host). I’ve had great success with Pair as a hosting company and I expect PairNIC to be as good (plus, you really don’t need to deal with your registrar very often). Pair had beat on price as well — $18 vs $35 for the first year. Even with multi-year discounts, Pair beats them across the board.

The best part of this change was the confirmation e-mail I received from Obviously they’re trying to scare people into not making the change:

bq. We recently received your request to transfer your Web address:

bq. Please follow the instructions at the bottom of this email to process this transfer.

bq. Please also note, however, that transferring your Web addresses may interrupt access to your Web site! Too often during the transfer process interruptions can occur while the necessary procedures are followed.

bq. Keeping your Web addresses with is safe, secure and convenient. Not only will your Web addresses remain active but you may also save money!

bq. Please note that upon completion of this process your Web address will no longer be serviced by If you’d like to proceed with your transfers, please use the reply link below to authorize the transfers. Click on each link or copy and paste into your browser window. In the event that you do not authorize your transfers by the date noted above and you wish to transfer your Web addresses, you will need to reinitiate the transfer through the registrar to which you wish to transfer.

bq. Please be aware that your transfer is subject to the terms and conditions contained in’s Services Agreement accessible online from

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