Daily Archives: 2003-09-24


Anand Lai Shimpi (founder and chief of AnandTech) has started a weblog (RSS Feed). Subscribed.

AnandTech is a great resource for PC hardware reviews, especially for the do-it-yourself PC builders out there. (Which reminds me, I really need to build a new PC. Still getting some use out of my Celeron 300 system with Windows 98, but it's really pathetic.)

AnandTech also has two other RSS feeds for Articles and News.

Bionic Office

Joel Spolsky's company (Fog Creek Software) just moved in to a new office. I'm jealous!

Most software managers know what good office space would be like, and they know they don't have it, and can't have it. Office space seems to be the one thing that nobody can get right and nobody can do anything about. There's a ten year lease, and whenever the company moves the last person anybody asks about how to design the space is the manager of the software team, who finds out what his new veal-fattening pens, uh, cubicle farm is going to be like for the first time on the Monday after the move-in.

Well, it's my own damn company and I can do something about it, so I did.