More on Palm RSS Reader

More on the RSS headline viewer for Palm devices that I mentioned over the weekend. Today I tried it on my Tungsten C and it worked pretty well. A couple of minor bugs but overall a pretty nice package. They've also written a conduit (Windows only), so you don't need an internet-capable device to use the software.

PalmInfocenter posted the release of the software on Friday. Reading the comments at PalmInfocenter is always entertaining. My favorite quote is the first one:

Nice! This would be very handy for boring study halls; I could download news over WiFi on my NX70v in the morning and read it at school. But $15 is way too expensive for me.

You're using a Sony NX70V (list price $499) and $15 is too expensive? I guess you can't please everyone all of the time.

Most of the reader's comments point out alternatives such as Plucker. It's true that there are other ways to do this, but most require a fairly technical setup. Handheld Headlines/RSS is the first Palm application that I know of that just works like a desktop news aggregator would. Hopefully it lowers the bar so that people can take advantage of this useful technology (RSS).

Handheld Headlines/RSS screenshot, Tungsten C, viewing PalmInfocenter's RSS feed