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Via PalmInfocenter, I learned about SmbMate which provides access to SMB servers from your Palm device. I've just tried it on my Tungsten C over 802.11 and it works well. File transfer speeds were not great, but that may be due to my older SD card.

2004 NASCAR Schedule

Updated 2003-12-04: Pointing to the correct schedule for 2004

NASCAR today released the final schedule for Nextel Cup racing in 2004. Time to start making plans! I'm going to miss the name “Winston Cup” — “Nextel Cup” just doesn't sound right.

2004 Schedule

[Via Racing One]

Feed Validator Moved

Mark Pilgrim reports that the Feed Validator (previously called the RSS Validator) has moved to a new location ( Apparently the old server location ( was experiencing down-time or other problems, so it's been moved to its own server.

Validating your RSS feed helps ensure that news readers and aggregators can read your information without trouble.

Don’t Make Me Think

I just finished reading Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug. This is a frequently-recommended book on web usability and overall I found it a good (quick) read with many common-sense approaches to improving web usability. The author’s writing style makes it an enjoyable read (if there is such a thing for technical books). My only complaint was that the book is relatively short (less than 200 pages) and I found myself wanting more.

Link to Don't Make Me Think at