Bloglines Update: Good and Bad New UI Bloglines recently launched an updated interface and some new functionality to mark their 1-year anniversary. I've been using Bloglines for about 8 months now and currently follow about 180 different feeds on a regular basis. Over that time the user interface hasn't changed significantly, so with this new update it's quite noticeable (in a good and a bad way).

On the plus side:

  • better support for sorting feeds (including automatic sorting)
  • ability to choose the folder when adding a feed
  • a simple built-in blog (“MyBlog”) to which you can post directly from articles
  • support for pulling your blogroll in Javascript or HTML
  • new lists of “top sites”, “most popular links”, “new feeds”, etc. to help find new & interesting feeds

On the less-than-plus side:

  • the new UI is less readable than before; I can't pinpoint what bothers me about it (no screenshots of the old version to compare), but I think it's mostly a reduction in white space around the article text, making it harder to follow
  • all links now have their “title” attribute rewritten to say either “Link outside of this blog” or “Link to another page in this blog”; I can see the rationale for this, but in the process we lose a piece of information from the author
  • a minor glitch, but some articles I've already read keep reappearing

I guess this is an example of the flip-side to internet applications. On the one hand you have a zero-deployment (“just click here”) application. Updates and bug fixes are instantaneous and all your users are on the latest and greatest. But, as a user you have no way to go back (“…but I liked the old one better…”).