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Yahoo! Domains now $9.95/year

Yahoo! recently lowered the price for all domain registrations to $9.95/year. It looks like the idea is to bring in more domain registrations and hook people on the other Small Business servics. I've not used any of these, but have heard that some (especially the simple web hosting setups) are getting good reviews.

For now I'm sticking with pairNIC which is slightly more expensive (best price is $13/year for 5 year renewal). I've found the service for pairNIC to be excellent so far. Service Ending

It looks like palmOne is finally pulling the plug on the wireless internet service for Palm VII, VIIx, and i705 models. In an online letter dated 2004-07-30, it was announced that is “ceasing operations” as of 2004-08-31.

This is a sad but inevitable event in the “Palm economy”. I worked at Palm during this entire time and, in spite of the development problems, was really excited about the possibilities of handheld internet access. In fact, many of the “PDA-friendly” websites on my list were discovered through those early Palm Query Applications (PQAs).

During the rapid growth at Palm, wireless was touted as the Next Big Thing and lots of resources were brought in for these projects, including the entire infrastructure. Unfortunately, like several other projects at that time (e.g., “Enterprise”), the financial results never materialized. I'm kind of surprised that stayed online as long as it did; I suppose having some number of users still paying $40/month helped pay the bills.

Palm i705 Handheld

[Via PalmInfocenter]

IRL Coming to Infineon

The Infineon Raceway website was finally updated with the details: IRL is coming to Infineon on August 26-28 2005. This will be the first ever road course event since IRL was founded in 1996. It's also the first major open wheel event coming to Sonoma since 1970.

In a smart move, the raceway already has 2005 ticket information posted. In a maybe-not-so-good move, the price for season tickets jumped from $295 to $425. It's still a good deal and I'll probably renew my tickets, but it's not quite the steal it used to be.

IRL coming to Sonoma!

2005 IRL Schedule

Today the Indy Racing League (IRL) released its schedule for 2005. The big news is the addition of two road courses to the circuit which normally runs only on ovals. Infineon Raceway is one of the tracks added which is a big win for SF Bay Area race fans. Infineon already hosts AMA motorcycle, NASCAR Nextel Cup, and NHRA PowerAide races each year.


March 6 Homestead-Miami Speedway
March 19 Phoenix International Raceway
April 30 Twin Ring Motegi
May 29 Indianapolis Motor Speedway
June 11 Texas Motor Speedway
June 25 Richmond International Raceway
July 3 Kansas Speedway
July 16 Nashville Superspeedway
July 24 The Milwaukee Mile
July 31 Michigan International Speedway
Aug. 14 Kentucky Speedway
Aug. 21 Pikes Peak International Raceway
Aug. 28 Infineon Raceway
Sept. 11 Chicagoland Speedway
Sept. 25 Watkins Glen International
Oct. 16 California Speedway