Daily Archives: 2004-11-09

Sony CLIÉ Death Rattle

The end of the line is almost here for the Sony CLIÉ. Following the announcement this summer that Sony was exiting the US PDA market, I just received this message from the CLIÉ Handheld Developer Support website:

Sony Electronics Inc. hereby announces pursuant
to the CLIE(R) Handheld Development Membership
Agreement that the CLIE Handheld Developer
Website and all related services shall terminate
effective December 31, 2004. After this date, the
CLIE Handheld Developer Website, Developer Tools,
and related Services will no longer be available
for use/download, and Sony shall provide no
further support. Sony would like to thank to great
number of dedicated developers who have supported
the CLIE Handheld platform the past several years.

Update: For more history, see the Wikipedia entry for Sony CLIÉ.