Daily Archives: 2005-01-18

NFL Game Audio on Audible

CNET News.com (and others) are announcing that NFL will deliver game audio through Audible.com:

Under terms of the agreement, Audible.com will offer MP3-compatible audio broadcasts of the Super Bowl and conference championship games. Listeners can download the entire broadcast, or selected highlights, the morning after the game.

Consumers can download the games, from NFL.com, Audible.com and other online retailers, onto their MP3 players, including Apple Computer’s iPod, Audible said.

This should be interesting. I can definitely see the game summaries/highlights being useful. (Ideally I’d like them that evening rather than the following morning.) I think the post-game summary on the radio would make great podcast material. For baseball, they could broadcast the “condensed” version they’ve done for TV occasionally.

Continuing the trend of attributing everything to the iPod, headlines all reference “iPod”, but the audio should be available for any device that Audible.com supports.