SplashData (maker of SplashPhoto, SplashID, etc.) recently released SplashBlog – a “Mobile photo sharing solution for wireless handhelds”:

SplashBlog lets you instantly publish photos from your smartphone to an online photo album (photo blog) to share with others. SplashBlog includes everything you need to share your photos, including software for your smartphone and a free online photoblog account at splashblog.com.

A gave this application a quick test (30-day trial is available) and it looks like a great solution for mobile picture blogging. In fact, this could be a great moblogging application in general if they allowed posting without images. SplashBlog has some key features of an “ideal” Palm blogging application that I’ve mentioned before:

  • Standard Palm OS user interface
  • Interfacing with device camera/photos application
  • Direct updating of blog server, including 2-way sync

Currently SplashBlog supports TypePad or SplashBlog.com sites, but promises to add support for more in the future. If support for standard XML-RPC / MetaWeblog API sites like MovableType and WordPress become available, this application could really take off. I’d also like to see an option to make postings without images. It may not be the primary use case, but would make a nice text mobile blogging app.

If you’ve used any products from SplashData, you know that the quality and attention to detail are high, including such rarities as a good user manual, full-functionality trial periods, regular updates and useful desktop counterparts. SplashPhoto is no exception and is worth a look. Right now the introductory price is only $19.95.


[Via PalmInfocenter]