Daily Archives: 2005-07-14

Yahoo! Local vCards

Continuing with my theme of improving Yahoo! Local, I really wanted an easier way to save the address information I found, preferably in something portable like the vCard format.

It still has a few rough edges, but I created a solution with a bookmarklet that connects to a CGI script on my server. Clicking the bookmarklet from any Yahoo! Local “details” results page will return a vCard file that can opened or saved locally.

To install, drag the following link to your browsers’ toolbar: Y!Local vCard.

(For Internet Explorer under Windows XP SP2, right-click on the link and choose Add to Favorites, answer Yes to the warning, then select the Links folder.)

I’d still like to add some better error checking and possibly capture more details like the notes, reviews, map link, etc., so this is still a work in progress. If anyone has any comments or suggestions, just let me know!