Palm Windows Treo

“Palm smartphone experience, meet Windows Mobile platform” — Yesterday Palm finally announced the Windows-powered Treo smartphone, to be launched on Verizon sometime in 2006. I’ve been anxiously waiting to see what kind of reaction this would bring, but so far it seems fairly muted. Maybe with all the rumors floating around, everyone was already expecting this move.

It’s curious, though, that the announcement was made so far in advance. Back in the day, it wasn’t so cool to preannounce. In a related move, Palm sent an email to registered developers:

Development resources for the Treo on Windows Mobile will be posted to PluggedIn once the product is commercially available, in early calendar 2006.

Looks like developers are getting the shaft again. I hope they plan to release some developer info prior to the actual product launch (if they want any 3rd-party software to be available for it).

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