Stanford Stadium Construction

The Saturdays before and after Thanksgiving, we saw the last two football games at the “old” Stanford Stadium. Sadly, Stanford lost to both Cal and Notre Dame, but at least we had some excellent tailgating beforehand.

The ND game was the last before the big stadium renovation. At the game’s end, there was a brief ceremonial groundbreaking, then they let fans on the field for one last time. I didn’t come home with a clump of the field or anything, but today I was excited to see an online photo gallery capturing the construction progress, including live webcams.

The renovation is pretty ambitious, rebuilding everything without missing a single home game. The next home game is September, 2006, which gives them 9 full months to complete it. The demolition phase looks pretty easy so far. From the pictures you can really tell how the stadium is just an earthen structure. I’m glad to see those old bleacher seats finally gone!