Daily Archives: 2006-11-21

Flickr Old-school Login Greasemonkey Script

I’m sticking with my original Flickr login as long as I can, not quite ready to meld it into my Yahoo identity. I’m not sure why I’m holding out, maybe just for fun, but reading the latest Flickr blog entry, it looks like the ride might be over soon:

Note for old skool members: the new mobile site, sadly, will not work for you: we’ve made the transition to supporting Yahoo! ID login exclusively for mobile. The vast majority of our users are now using Yahoo! IDs, and many of the cool features we’re working on depend on fancy-schmancy, high-tech Yahoo! infrastructure that necessitates this style of login. And, as a gentle reminder, we will be requiring Y! accounts for all Flickr.com members at some point in the future.

A while ago they changed from the “dual” login screen to a Yahoo login screen with second link for Flickr old-schoolers. Being somewhat tired of these shenanigans, I took a few minutes tonight to write a short Greasemonkey script that automatically changes any login links to go directly to the old Flickr login page. (After writing it, I searched and found a few similar scripts, but most were overkill or too complicated.)


  1. Install Greasemonkey if you don’t already have it, then restart Firefox
  2. Install flickroldschoollogin.user.js (click Install button that appears in yellow bar to install the script)
  3. Now, any time you need to login, the link will automatically point to the old-school login instead