Apple Loses Developer Link

Today I was checking out Apple’s website to see if they had any info about the upcoming iPhone and its browser. Apparently they are releasing documentation when the phone itself launches, so my search was a bust.

Perhaps more interestingly, I noticed that the home page no longer links to the Apple Developer site at all. In previous designs, the developer site has had a decent spot in the top navigation, but no longer. The home page doesn’t have the word “developer” on it anywhere, so you need to visit the Mac product page or the Site Map to find the developer link.

In the image below (click for a larger version), you can see a previous design from last year aligned with a screenshot from today:

If you look at the site map, you can kind of see what they’re doing. “Development” as a topic is basically a sub-chapter of the whole Mac product line and doesn’t have anything to do with iPod/iTunes, or iPhone. I just hope it doesn’t mean Apple is giving up on developers!

(Image from Internet Archive Wayback Machine, 2006-08-21)

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