Daily Archives: 2007-07-10

Testing Joomla on Windows with XAMPP

Joomla Logo

Continuing to experiment with my XAMPP setup (Apache, MySQL, Perl and PHP for Windows XP), I just installed Joomla, a popular open-source content management system.

It only took about 10 minutes to install Joomla 1.0 using these steps:

  1. Visit the Joomla project page and download Joomla
  2. Extract the files to c:\xampp\htdocs, making sure to use the folder names inside the Zip file (if done correctly, you should have a file c:\xampp\htdocs\joomla\index.php)
  3. Open the local phpMyAdmin page and login as root
  4. Select Databases and create a database named joomla with encoding utf8_unicode_ci
  5. Select Privileges tab and create a user joomla and password of your choice, allowing all privileges for the joomla database
  6. Open the local Joomla install page and follow the steps to complete the setup; when prompted for the MySQL database information, use database host localhost, name joomla, user joomla, and password as created above

Joomla’s installer is very nice and automatically detects not only required and optional software packages, but checks your PHP settings for recommended security. After setup is complete, you are prompted to delete the installation folder (for security reasons); in fact, Joomla itself won’t run until it detects the installation folder is gone.

My Podcast List

Finding and keeping up with quality podcasts is not easy. I have some ideas for a better “podcatching” client that would help with this, but in the meantime it’s a manual process to keep pruning my subscriptions to a manageable level.

Here’s my current subscription list, using the old Sears “good, better, best” lineup and indicating how many of the episodes I listen to completely:


  • The Bitterest Pill – a classic with great, funny stories; sometimes runs a bit long (almost all episodes)
  • Hanselminutes – one of my favorites; in-depth technology without being overly long (all episodes)
  • Reel Reviews Radio – my favorite non-tech podcast, but it’s been quiet this year (all episodes)


  • AP Auto Racing – a recent addition; not overdone, but a nice summary of NASCAR news twice weekly (all episodes)
  • In the Trenches – has been around for a while but still entertaining; sometimes runs long but I like the guys and the topics (most episodes)
  • Killer Innovation – recently started following this podcast from Phil McKinney, CTO at HP (all episodes)
  • Ruby on Rails – I don’t do anything with Ruby or Rails, but I like following along with the community on this one (all episodes)
  • Run As Radio – relatively new, focusing on IT with Microsoft technologies; shows are on-topic and not too long (all episodes)
  • Software As She’s Developed – good stuff on AJAX, design patterns, and usability (all episodes)
  • Venture Voice – unique perspective and interviews with entrepreneurs; generally good but you need your ego-deflector for some of these guys (most episodes)
  • Windows Weekly – generally good and not too long; was better before Vista launched and took some wind out of their sails (most episodes)


  • IT Conversations – in general very good but I pick and choose the episodes; Technometria and Jon Udell are always good, others are mixed (some episodes)
  • Net at Nite – entertaining, but can run long; I’m kind of a long-time Leo Laporte fan, so I keep up with it (most episodes)
  • Polymorphic Podcast – .Net and other technologies (most episodes)
  • Security Now! – when I first found this one I listened to every episode religiously; now I find they can ramble a bit, but the content is generally good (some episodes)
  • This Week in Tech – most topics discussions are good quality and entertaining, but at 1 hour 15 minutes or longer, I’m beginning to fade (most episodes)