Installing Treo Palm OS Simulator for Web Testing

This is the second installment of my quest to install simulators on my Windows XP system for all the major smartphone platforms. Yesterday we covered the BlackBerry simulator; today we’ll tackle the Palm OS version of the Treo.

The first step will be to the Palm developer center. If you don’t already have a free developer account, register for one now. (It’s necessary to download any of the simulators.)

Since we’re covering devices based on Palm OS, I’ll pick the latest which is the Centro smartphone. Palm offers a simulator for each device, so follow these steps to get the one for the Centro:

  1. Start at the Centro Developer Center
  2. Under Quick Links, click on Simulators
  3. In the KB article shown, click on and download it (18MB)
  4. Extract the .zip file into some convenient location
  5. In the extracted files, navigate to PalmSDK\Simulators\Centro_Sprint_Simulator_Release_Build_X
  6. Double-click on PalmSim.exe to start the Simulator
  7. Choose the .rom file pointed to by default (e.g., Simulator.SprintCdmaRelEnUS.rom)
  8. If a Windows Firewall warning message appears, choose the Unblock option

You now have a working Palm OS simulator!

Some tips and tricks:

  • Read up on the documentation (\Doc folder) to learn about keyboard commands and so on
  • Run the Prefs app on the device, choose Power, and set the Auto-off to 3 minutes
  • To access the internet from the simulator, right-click anywhere, choose menu Setting | Communication, and select Redirect NetLib calls.


Palm OS Treo Simulator Screenshot