Delicious 2.0 Launched

Today Yahoo! launched version 2.0 of the Delicious bookmarking service:

The new Delicious is just like the old, only faster, easier to learn, and hopefully more delightful to use and to look at.

The major changes touted are improved speed, more powerful search, and a brand new UI design. They are also making “” the primary domain (switching from the original “”). So far I find the UI changes pretty decent and the speed does seem better. As with many UI overhauls, there’s a bit of the “who moved my cheese?” aspect to it as I discover where everything moved. I suspect this will be a common reaction.

Speaking of reactions, see Techmeme for a bunch of links. Most of the stories are what you would expect, along the lines of “Yahoo! finally launches Delicious 2.0…”. My view is that with this release finally out of the way, the Delicious team will be able to tackle other important changes such as Yahoo! Search integration and improvements to the API. I don’t have any internal insight into the Delicious team, but I know this 2.0 project has been a huge effort that ran longer than anyone expected. If they’ve designed it right for the next level of scalability, the team should be back on feature changes and improvements.

Delicious 2.0 Screenshot