Mobile Browser Share on

The changing landscape in mobile device and browser market share has been a hot topic in the news lately. Last night I took a look at the numbers for, my directory of mobile website links. I used the Google Analytics data and in particular the mobile device detection capabilities. This accounts for about half of the traffic, with the other half being desktop browsers or “unknown”.

The following chart shows the percentage of the top 8 platforms visiting over the last nine months:

Chart: visitor platform breakdown


  • Android is the big gainer, growing from 4% to 21% of traffic
  • Blackberry gained from 16% to 24%
  • The above gains seem to be at the expense of Windows devices which dropped from 31% to 15%
  • iPhone + iPod share remained about the same
  • Symbian, Samsung and Palm all dropped slightly

Data source: Google Analytics mobile device reports for website