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Windows Mobile Device Emulator

If you want to run a simulated Windows Mobile device, installing the Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK can be a challenge. For starters, the SDK is about 175MB, then there’s the fact that it only works with Visual Studio 2005.

If you’re developing software, you’ll obviously need to go the SDK route, but if you just want to try some applications, play with the UI, or check how your site looks in a small screen browser, the Windows Mobile Device Emulator is a great alternative. It’s under 60MB and is standalone, not requiring Visual Studio at all.

The Windows Mobile Team Blog has some handy shortcut key references (and, it’s where I learned about the emulator).

Screenshots below show the Pocket PC emulator running with IE viewing my Mobile Websites page on the left and Yahoo! Go running on the right.

Windows Mobile 5.0 Device Emulator, showing Internet Explorer Windows Mobile 5.0 Device Emulator, showing Yahoo! Go

Ask Mobile Search

Ask has just launched a mobile version of their site at I played with it for a bit on my Treo 600 and it seems to work pretty well. They’ve kept things simple, not trying to do too much on any page. Results are all filtered through Skweezer technology, just like Mobile Bloglines recently added.

Maps are servicable and in a pinch would probably help you find something. On my 600 at least, the map size was really small, so it was of limited usefulness. Google Maps is going to be tough to beat now.

See the SearchEngineWatch page for some more detailed tricks and the original announcement from Ask.

Ask Mobile Search Example
Ask Mobile Maps Example
Ask Mobile Weather Example

(Via Lifehacker, via SearchEngineWatch)

Google Maps for Treo Smartphones

This week Google released a downloadable mobile Google Maps application for Treo smartphones. Perhaps proving that Palm OS is not dead yet, this is a great example of an application that can provide a better experience than a web browser.

Overall the application is pretty quick, even on my poor old Treo 600. Local business integration and traffic are great. The Satellite view is kind of cool, but I’m guessing most users would stick with the street view. Bonus points for over the air install (i.e. no need to install from desktop and HotSync to the device).

How to make it even better?

  • Add bookmarks to save favorite locations
  • Quick Connect link to find contact address on map
  • MS Mobile version for Treo 700w/wx
  • Use cell tower to find approximate location

Google Mobile Maps Example
Google Mobile Maps Example

Update: To learn more, check out an in-depth review with lots of screenshots on Google Maps: Completely Hooked.

(Via Treocentral)

PDA Mobile Websites

PDA Mobile Websites
Over 3 years ago, I posted my small collection of websites optimized for PDA or small screen viewing. Since then I’ve had a steady stream of visitors (recently averaging about 10,000 page views per month) and some great referrals from other sites, but the page and its contents were being neglected and needed a refresh.

This past week I rewrote by bookmark system from an old database to A short Perl script periodically grabs my bookmarks and creates the page content. Now as I discover new mobile websites, I can tag in and they’ll be picked up automatically.

Now that the new data flow is in place, I want to play with the UI a bit and try with some different layouts to understand what works best for this kind of mobile page.

If you’ve got a PDA or mobile phone, bookmark my page to keep this list at your fingertips: