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Getting Caught Up

Faced with a big deadline at work and a big party at home, I’ve had no time to keep up with what’s going on around the internet. Fortunately my inbox is full of RSS headlines thanks to my HeadlineMailer.

I just subscribed to Windley’s Enterprise Computing Weblog which looks like a great information source. He linked to the announcement that Sprint will carry the new Sony T608 phone (with integrated Bluetooth). Being a Sprint customer and Palm user, I’d definitely like to get one of these. The Tungsten T also has integrated Bluetooth, so this would be a great combination.

I thought the IRS was bad

Tax Program Develops An Insulting Approach (Walt Mossberg) — having used TurboTax for many years, I bought my copy this weekend only to learn that Intuit has added product activation and spyware to the installation process. They’ve already got a lucrative product with a guaranteed need to upgrade every year, so why go to the trouble of activation? Is sharing copies of TurboTax such a big problem? I’m already committed this year, but TaxCut is looking better for 2003.

Apparently this is a real support issue; their support FAQ page includes almost 40 topics. Thankfully they have finally published an uninstaller for the SafeCast spyware which normally wouldn’t be removed by removing TurboTax.