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Palm Developer Blogs

Two Palm OS developers have recently created blogs:

  • Palm OS® Protein News – David Fedor is a longtime member of the PalmSource developer support team. Those who have attended the PalmSource developer conferences over the years have undoubtedly heard David evangelize and explain the details of each new OS release. David's goal is to “disseminate information about native programming on Palm OS® Cobalt, which is the new name for version 6.0 of the Palm OS software.”
  • Combee on Palm OS – Ben Combee recently joined PalmSource in the developer support group. Ben was recently at Metrowerks for many years supporting the CodeWarrior developer tools. (His previous blog was located at Ben's goal is to “make a site that will point to resources that are useful for developers building software for Palm OS devices.”

Hopefully both of these sites will prove useful and be updated regularly over time. There seems to be a scarcity of Palm developer blogs. I'll be on the lookout for more.

Palm Turns Eight

From Brighthand I learned that the first Palm Pilot was demonstrated at Demo '96 by Jeff Hawkins and Ed Colligan. I've been here over five years and I'm not even an old-timer.

No mention of this anywhere on our website, but I suppose it's not a major milestone or anything. The Company Backgrounder does mention that the first Palm Pilot was launched in 1996 (I believe it was in April).

Bluetooth Tungsten T3

I've been meaning to do more playing with Bluetooth capabilities of my Palm Tungsten T3 (other than just connecting to another Palm device), so I finally bought a Belkin F8T001 USB Bluetooth adapter (available on for about $40 with free shipping).

Installing the Belkin software on my Win2000 system was straightforward, as was pairing my device with the desktop. What was not easy to figure out what sharing the internet connection so I can run e-mail and web browser on the Tungsten. The Belkin software wizard led me to turn on Internet Connection Sharing within Windows, but it gave a warning about setting the LAN adapter to — sure enough, that's what it did. My mistake here was turning on sharing for the Bluetooth network rather than the LAN. Makes sense when you think about it, but not obvious I guess.

The best source I found for getting this whole thing working was Dean Johnson's Palm Bluetooth Internet Setup. This is a great guide with pictures (I love pictures!) and includes some of the more esoteric stuff for setting up PPP. Highly recommended.

So far it works fine, but the speed isn't great. Doing a rough test I get about 30 kbps to a local server. Using a Bluetooth access point I can get about 210 kbps which is much better.

PhotoBlog from Palm Zire 71

Today while catching up on PalmInfocenter, I saw a new application called ForPhotos which takes pictures from your Zire 71 and posts them to a web site during synchronization.

You can create a free trial account on or sync to any compatible server. You could actually set up your own server to do this because they've provided a spec for the photo transfer XML-RPC interface. Very cool.

I tried it out with a couple of pictures from a Giants game last month and it worked quite well (Brian's Palm Photos). Their software takes the notes from the picture to form the caption once posted to the web, creating a pretty good PhotoBlog solution.