Creating Print Stylesheets for Other Sites

Creating a print stylesheet for your website is a nice optimization that your visitors will appreciate, especially if your site features articles that are longer or are technical in nature. Print stylesheets don’t take too much effort to create and maintain over time along with your site CSS. But what if you’d like to have print stylesheets on someone else’s website? Here’s an approach I’ve used to hack together simple print stylesheets that I’ve sent to other site owners as a contribution. This works very well for personal blogs and open source projects, both of whom are usually open to…

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Clean Up Your Twitter App Permissions

Twitter users should periodically review their application permission settings to clean out any old applications they have authorized. Over time these can pile up and it’s good to clean them out. The steps are simple: Login to Twitter and navigate to the Application Settings page Review the list of applications and click Revoke Access for any you no longer need or don’t remember authorizing

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Screencast: Blog Backup to

I recently started using to back up my blog. Mover is a relatively new service which can migrate or back up between several different cloud services. I’m starting to use it as part of my backup strategy, making sure even files I have “in the cloud” are located in more that one service. To demonstrate the steps, here’s a short screencast in which I add a regular backup task from part of my blog to the Box cloud service,

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