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Free MP3s on Amazon.com

Amazon.com: Free Music Downloads has a limited selection of free songs for download in either MP3 or Liquid Audio format.

I’ve often used Amazon’s short track samples, but didn’t know that they’re posting whole songs. Probably a good way to get people interested in different artists. Now if they would just fix some of those (numerous) broken links!


  • Chuck Cantoni – my father – this site should be considered a “work in progress”
  • Bernosky Family – this is the personal/family site for Phil Bernosky who is a good friend; for his latest hobby (digital photos), check out Phil’s gallery at PBase; to see why Phil is going to be really rich some day, check out his startup company
  • A co-worker of mine – Edgar Lee – has created a really cool web site that shows off his skill with a digital camera: Dog Chow; Edgar is also a Photoshop wiz as illustrated by Skate & Pepper’s Filmography page
  • Another co-worker – Carlos Chavez – is also a digital camera hobbyist (notice a trend yet?); he has taken hundreds of pictures from his travels and posted the best ones on his new site: www.kcchavez.com
  • Chris Weiss – who for some reason has the nickname StickyC – has a personal site named (drum roll…) www.stickyc.com; in particular, check out “StickyC TV” which has webcams both at home and work!

PDA Web List Popular

It looks like my list of PDA optimized (or PDA friendly) web sites is becoming quite popular and is now the most-requested page from this site. Thanks to some mentions on Palm, Treo, and Sony discussion groups, a lot of people seem to have found it. I’m also the number one hit for “PDA Optimized” on Google which is kind of cool.

For some unknown reason Google is also showing some of my pages with my IP address rather than domain name. I’ll need to figure out where that’s coming from.

Original article about PDA friendly web sites: http://www.cantoni.org/2002/04/11/pda_optimized_web_sites

PDA friendly web site list: http://cantoni.mobi/