AvantGo Popular

My web access logs for the month of March are showing that AvantGo is now the most popular user agent and AvantGo servers account for 5 of the top 10 sites (by KByte). Looking closer, I realized that some visitors have added my list of PDA optimized web sites as a custom channel in AvantGo.

This is a cool use of AvantGo — carry around this list of web sites. The trick is to specify the “link depth” to be 1. Otherwise, AvantGo will read the links page, then will follow to Cantoni.org home and continue from there. I think the default link depth for AvantGo is 4 which would essentially capture my entire web site since each page is at most 2 pages down from the home page.

To help these folks out, I checked the AvantGo Developer Docs and created an appropriate link that people can use. I’ve set the link depth to 1 and turned off “follow offsite links”. The offsite links could be followed of course if that’s what people were using it for.

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