Zempt Development Ending

From Adam Kalsey’s blog:

The tool that Bill Zeller and I created for posting to Movable Type from your desktop is being wound down. Zempt will live on at the SourceForge project page, but there will be no future development on the project. The domain has expired and will not be renewed.

All the source and the latest Windows installer are up on the SourceForge project page if anyone wants to continue development on this handy tool. The original intent was to release on Mac and Linux as well, but I’m not sure how far they got with that. Adam doesn’t say why they’re abandoning this, but I could imagine it’s a matter of other projects going on. I’m curious how big of a market there is for a desktop webposting tool like this.

I did find Zempt very well done and appreciated some simple capabilities like reading the RSD description so I don’t need to enter a long, nasty XML-RPC URL. (Mobile blogging applications could really benefit from this.) It also has full support for all MovableType fields and features, including choosing the text formatting filter (I use Markdown).