Yahoo! Messenger Launches with PSTN (Again!)

Back in December, we launched the public beta of Yahoo! Messenger 7.5 in eight countries. The significant new feature is PSTN (aka regular phone network) support, both to and from regular phone lines. That launch was kind of different for us because, although we did launch a US-English client, the service was not available inside the United States.

Tonight we did a beta refresh and officially launched the US service as well. Compared to other launches I’ve been through on this team, this one was pretty smooth. Having the service actually available here in the US should be a big win for the product and future voice offerings.

We also updated the client software for our international sites: Germany Spain France Italy Hong Kong Singapore. Now you can get the beta (and service) for both of the US clients as well: United States EspaƱol.

Yahoo! Messenger 7.5 Beta