Tom Cruise at Yahoo

The big event yesterday at Yahoo HQ was a visit by Tom Cruise (and Katie) as part of our Influential Speaker series. Lots of internal debate and snickering concerning just how “influential” Tom Cruise is, but for sheer entertainment and star power, Tom’s hard to beat. I like to call it Famous People that our CEO knows. (Having a previous movie studio head as a CEO does have it’s benefits!)

I didn’t even try to attend in person (check out the line of people waiting to get in), but did catch the internal webcast. The talk started over an hour late, but Tom was pretty entertaining. Lots of talk about his movie career and a couple more sneak peeks at MI-3 coming out this Spring.

For my money, I prefer to see movie stars just as they are: actors. I don’t want to know their political leanings or hear about Scientology or something about the couch. In this case, Tom Cruise delivered — he’s a Big Time movie star and that’s all that matters :)

Check out tons of pictures on Flickr: ytomcruise.

Tom Cruise at Yahoo, 2006-03-21

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