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PDA Mobile Websites

PDA Mobile Websites
Over 3 years ago, I posted my small collection of websites optimized for PDA or small screen viewing. Since then I’ve had a steady stream of visitors (recently averaging about 10,000 page views per month) and some great referrals from other sites, but the page and its contents were being neglected and needed a refresh.

This past week I rewrote by bookmark system from an old database to A short Perl script periodically grabs my bookmarks and creates the page content. Now as I discover new mobile websites, I can tag in and they’ll be picked up automatically.

Now that the new data flow is in place, I want to play with the UI a bit and try with some different layouts to understand what works best for this kind of mobile page.

If you’ve got a PDA or mobile phone, bookmark my page to keep this list at your fingertips:

Geotagging With Old Satellite Data

This weekend I was explaining to a friend the new geotagging capabilities in Flickr and other online photo sites. After posting a photo from my Treo 600, I ran into an interesting phenomenom when I went to geotag it: what happens when the physical structure or location is significantly different now versus when the satellite data was taken. Streets, rivers, and towns don’t need to move around much, but in this case the venerable Stanford stadium has been completely rebuilt over the past 9 months. So, I made a best guess while tagging. Whenever the satellite data is updated again, I can see how accurate I was! (Flickr link)

Looks like Google and MSN also show the old stadium, so their data is also at least 9 months old.

Bloglines Mobile adds Skweezer Integration

Bloglines just released an update to the Bloglines Mobile portal that integrates Skweezer technology:

For those of us who rely on and love Bloglines Mobile while on the go, here’s another reason to dig it. Bloglines has now integrated Skweezer technology to optimize web pages for your personal handheld mobile device’s viewing pleasure.

Bloglines Mobile is pretty interesting, but its usefulness is sometimes limited. The mobile display of feeds usually works well because they’re pretty lightweight. But, following links to real websites is practically useless. By integrating Skweezer into all outbound links, they’ve made this much less of an issue.

They’ve also created a Bloglines portal on the Skweezer site. Also intended for mobile use, this is a “skweezed” version of the Bloglines search engine. You can search in posts (default), feeds, or the web. You can also go directly to a URL of your choice.

I still need to try this from a mobile device, but from the desktop this integration looks really nice. (Tip: to return to the “full” version of Bloglines, go here.)

Future of Web Apps: Day 2

Today was the final day of the Future of Web Apps conference and another set of great speakers. Today’s best talks were from Michael Arrington, Ted Rheingold and Evan Williams. The whole day was good, but those three stood out. Overall it was a great event and I’d recommend it for anyone in or trying to learn about the latest in web applications.

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