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SuperBowl 42 Commercials

Yesterday’s game was actually close and came down to the wire — much improved compared to the recent trend. The commercials were pretty good, but didn’t seem as extravagant. Even so, there’s always a lot of buzz around all the ads — here are some good sites that showcase all the ads run during the game:

Also, if you liked the NFL commercial featuring Ephraim Salaam and Chester Pitts (both from the Houston Texans), check out the Super Ad: Who Want’s it More? contest. NFL players pitched their stories to be considered for this year’s NFL Super Bowl commercial and the Salaam/Pitts story won.

Poor Man’s Margaritas

Odwalla Summertime Lime JuiceTonight we enjoyed a few “Poor Man’s Margaritas”, a recipe I picked up from my buddies Chris and Ron a couple years ago at the Gnomedex conference.

The recipe is quite simple:

  • Good tequila (tonight I had Cazadores)
  • Odwalla’s Summertime Lime Juice

Use whatever ratio you’re comfortable with. Voila, instant margarita.

It’s not really “poor” in the sense that it’s cheap, but you can make them anywhere. This juice from Odwalla is only made in the summer, so hurry out and try some!