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Poor Man’s Margaritas

Odwalla Summertime Lime JuiceTonight we enjoyed a few “Poor Man’s Margaritas”, a recipe I picked up from my buddies Chris and Ron a couple years ago at the Gnomedex conference.

The recipe is quite simple:

  • Good tequila (tonight I had Cazadores)
  • Odwalla’s Summertime Lime Juice

Use whatever ratio you’re comfortable with. Voila, instant margarita.

It’s not really “poor” in the sense that it’s cheap, but you can make them anywhere. This juice from Odwalla is only made in the summer, so hurry out and try some!

SuperBowl 41 Commercials

Once again the SuperBowl commercials are available online at several sites. Clearly the point of commercials is to get the word out, so it’s not hard to find these. For me personally I didn’t get too excited about any of these. Maybe SuperBowl commercials are losing their buzz?

Some sites that are hosting the commercials include:

  • iFilm – was one of the first sites to host all commercials after the game
  • Yahoo! Video – not sure if they’re all there, but links to iFilm
  • YouTube is running a contest where the highest-rated commercials will appear on their homepage
  • AOL Sports looks interesting because they show which commercials were shown by quarter

GM Day at Yahoo!


GM Day at Yahoo – 05.jpg

Originally uploaded by brianc.

Today GM brought all their latest models for a mini car show right here at Yahoo! HQ. Not sure what the tie-in is, but I assume they do a lot of advertising business with us. The GM reps were pretty cool, not trying too hard to sell, but seemed happy to chat with the employees.

VideoJug (How to Make a Mojito)

VideoJug — “Life Explained. On Film.” — is a new site full of how-to videos in categories like food, health, pets, leisure and so on. It looks like the bulk of the videos are produced by VideoJug, but they also have the ability to submit your own. The topics are pretty varied from How to Float a Ping Pong Ball in the Air to How to be the Perfect Girlfriend.

Here’s a great example which shows how to make a mojito (if the video doesn’t show, here’s an alternate link):

VideoJug: How to Make a Mojito

(Via Somewhat Frank)