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Easily Impressed

I spent (too much) time this weekend repairing sprinklers. Between the usual breakage over winter and the dog (who loves to chew and eat anything made out of plastic), there was a lot of fixin’ to be done. On one of my numerous trips to the hardware store, I found the Rain Bird PTC-1 which made cleaning and adjusting all those pop-ups a breeze.

Rain Bird PTC-1

Fixing Family PCs

Engadget has a good article suggesting people load up their USB drives with spyware/adware cleaners, Firefox and so on for fixing up their family’s PCs during the holidays. Lots of good suggestions in the comments as well. Today I did my small part by introducing my dad to Firefox as an IE alternative :)

[Via Mike at Larkware who offers another good alternative — bring a DVD full of pictures of the kids.]

Yahoo! Hires Lloyd Braun

It was just announced that my employer has hired Lloyd Braun, previously head of programming at ABC:

Lloyd Braun, who was behind shows such as “The Sopranos” on HBO and “Lost” on ABC, will try to convince movie, TV and music companies to distribute more content exclusively on Yahoo, company officials said Monday. (Yahoo! News)

Overall this should be a Good Thing as Yahoo becomes more and more media-focused, but isn’t this the studio head that turned down Seinfeld in the early days? (Thus causing one of the more memorable characters to be named after him.) Serenity Now!

Zipcode Visualization

Ben Fry (from MIT) coded up a really cool visualization of zipcode data in the United States. As you type each digit, you can see the location narrow. His website has lots of other interesting content and projects worth checking out.

[Via Chris Sells]