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Alternate Stylesheets

While cleaning up my current stylesheets (reducing size by removing some redundant elements), I decided to give alternate stylesheets a try. This technique is standard, but is not yet supported by all browers. This trick works for Netscape 6 and Mozilla, but not for Internet Explorer.

If you have such a browser, the alternate style should be available from a menu choice. (In Netscape 6, choose View | Use Stylesheet.)

For now, I created a new style called “Alternate” (dang, I’m creative) with a different background color and sans-serif fonts instead of serif.

Some references for further reading:

Up and Running on New Host

Well, that was easier than I thought it would be. I’ll probably jinx it by saying so, but the move was pretty easy. is now being hosted by

The biggest unknown for me was the DNS change. I was skeptical when they claimed it takes “24 – 72 hours” for the change to propagate through, but I noticed it at just over 24 hours. Not bad.

For now, I’m keeping the old site up until I make sure everything made it over safely (

Update 11/12/02: This whole transition points out another great benefit of CityDesk. Once my new host account was activated and the DNS settings had made their way through the system, I updated my FTP name/password and republished my entire site. After about 15 minutes, I was up and running!

Changing Web Host

Ever since first appears (way back in
November 1999), I’ve used as my web/e-mail

Since my current subscription is about to expire, I decided
to switch to a different provider: Here are some of
the reasons:

  • Cost: the basic cost is very similar ($17/mo Interland,
    $18/mo Pair)
  • Databases would cost extra on Interland but a couple are
    included with Pair
  • Scripting would cost extra on Interland but is included with
  • Pair includes secure interfaces for logging in, for uploading
    files, and for reading e-mail
  • Virtual domains cost $1/mo on Pair — this will let me
    host some other domains I might play around with
  • Both services offer a large number of e-mail accounts which
    is important; I was close to using, but decided
    against it because of the limited number of e-mail accounts
  • Windows (Interland) vs. Unix (Pair) — I’m not
    anti-Windows, but I think the Unix (I think it’s FreeBSD) system
    will give me more flexibility and control. I’ve also set up a
    Linux box to better learn the configuration of Apache.

Tonight I backed up my old site and made the DNS changes.
They claim it takes “24 – 72 hours” for the change
to propagate through the Internet. We’ll see!

For future reference, here are the old and new locations:

  • Old location (Interland):
  • New location (Pair):

What’s a Blogroll anyways?

Started putting together a “blogroll” — basically a list of other sites that I regularly read.

Rather than maintain a separate list, I’m going to publish my list of channels that I’m currently subscribed to with AmphetaDesk.

For now, the blogroll is located at the bottom of the index page, but not on every page of the site.

Update 10/22/02: Pulled all the blogroll stuff until I can spend some time to figure it out.