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Posting from w.bloggar

This is another reason I wanted to give Movable Type a try: the ability to post from other software applications. I’m posting this from w.bloggar which is a VB Windows app that can talk to Movable Type through its XML-RPC interface. Cool!

Moving to Movable Type

My experiment with Movable Type is going well, so now I’m preparing to change over from CityDesk. Here are a few things I’ve needed to change or tweak so far, just for my future reference:

  1. Turned on Individual, Monthly, and Category archives and tweaked their templates
  2. Changed references to each posting to be a permalink
  3. Removed the calendar from the main index page
  4. Changed the RSS feed templates as suggested on the RSS Validator site
  5. Changed the monthly archives to be stored by folder (e.g., 2002/12/index.html)
  6. Changed the category archives to be stored by folder (e.g., site/index.html). This will make finding the various categories easier, e.g. “”.

Things that still need to be worked out include:

  • Styles: everything still looks odd in certain web browsers
  • Location: move everything up from /blog/… to the root of the web site
  • Import: import old entries from CityDesk
  • Old URLs: make sure all old URLs are either covered by new content or are redirected appropriately

Playing with archives

There are a lot of choices for archiving the blog entries. By default it is capturing individual entries as well as by month. I’ve just turned on “archive daily”, so we’ll see how well that works.

It’s also nice to see that the default RSS template creates a syndication feed that validates.

Update 12/12: Now creating a valid RSS 2.0 feed.

Experimenting with MovableType

I’ve finally decided to give MovableType a try to see how it compares to CityDesk. This might be a good alternative solution.

Update: Sample blog now moved up a level, taking over!

The main benefit I’m looking for is the ability to update or post from any location. Right now I can only use CityDesk from home which is limiting my ability to post from work. Also, the blog interfaces might open up some opportunities for PDA-based posting.

Stylesheets and templates

Okay, I managed to update the style to the ‘Rusty’ style from the website. At least the layout is close to what I’m looking for, but I’ll probably change the colors and possibly fonts a little bit.

This layout looks strange with only a couple of short entries. The right-hand pane wraps all the way to the left at this point. I suppose with a few more entries it will look okay.