Monthly Archives: June 2003

Motorola Timeport My aging Motorola phone finally gave it up when its battery died. Not quite ready for a brand new phone (still waiting for the Sony Bluetooth phone on the Sprint network), I planned to just buy a new battery. Sticker shock ensued when I saw that Sprint charges $60 for a replacement — that's before tax & shipping.

A quick web search later brought me to The same exact battery (made by Motorola) was only $27. Even considering $10 for 2nd-day delivery, this is a bargain. They're hooked in through Yahoo Stores and I'd highly recommend these guys if you ever need a new battery.

Move to Pair Complete

With the renewal for my domain coming up, I decided to dump and instead move to (part of Pair Networks which I’m using as a web host). I’ve had great success with Pair as a hosting company and I expect PairNIC to be as good (plus, you really don’t need to deal with your registrar very often). Pair had beat on price as well — $18 vs $35 for the first year. Even with multi-year discounts, Pair beats them across the board.

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I wonder if the domain is going to be very popular. A recent story on (Safety Patrol Readied for Dot-Kids) summarizes how the two companies involved are going to patrol web sites in this domain for appropriate contents. As the father of three young kids, I’m of course concerned that my kids only see appropriate material, but I’m not ready to trust one of these companies to control what we can or cannot see.

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Printing to PDF

Who needs Adobe Acrobat? Kjartan Mannes points out that Adobe is making it difficult for companies who simply need to print to PDF format. Buying the $299 “Standard” edition is quite pricey when you have a bunch of employees whose main need is to simply print to PDF for distribution. I run into this a lot for things like MS Project which most people don’t have installed (and who don’t need it). PDF is great for this sort of thing.

Kjartan points to Win2PDF which looks like a reasonable alternative, only $35 for the basic version. It also has a “send to Palm” option which queues up your PDF file for installation on your Palm PDA. (Viewable with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for Palm OS