Seafood Watch – Mobile Edition

Seafood Watch Mobile Website

Seafood Watch (part of the Monterey Bay Aquarium) has published their Seafood Guides for quite a while — giving cooks and diners helpful guidance about the impact to eating different types of seafood. Now they’ve created an online mobile edition in two forms: a Seafood Watch iPhone application, and a Seafood Watch mobile website.

The guide is split into several regions of the US and is also available in Spanish. Fish are categorized as Avoid, Good Alternatives, or Best Choices. Each fish type is linked to a short summary of how the recommendation was assigned. For example, you can find out why Alaska wild-caught salmon is a much better choice compared to farmed salmon!

I haven’t tried the iPhone app yet to see how it’s different than the mobile site. The only change I’d make on the mobile site would be to swap the order so that Best Choices are shown first and Avoid at the end. Otherwise, it’s a nice mobile reference.