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Sirius Radio

For an early Father’s Day present, the family gave me a new stereo for the truck along with a Sirius receiver…

  • ESPN? … check!
  • Disney channel? … check!
  • NASCAR? … check, but not till next year.
  • Playboy? … Playboy, on the radio? I don’t think so.

So far I’ve managed to get the service activated which was pretty easy. Now I just need to learn how to work the stereo itself. It doesn’t seem that car stereo UI has advanced much over the years. But, once I figure it out, I’m looking forward to playing with satellite radio.


Tom Cruise at Yahoo

The big event yesterday at Yahoo HQ was a visit by Tom Cruise (and Katie) as part of our Influential Speaker series. Lots of internal debate and snickering concerning just how “influential” Tom Cruise is, but for sheer entertainment and star power, Tom’s hard to beat. I like to call it Famous People that our CEO knows. (Having a previous movie studio head as a CEO does have it’s benefits!)

I didn’t even try to attend in person (check out the line of people waiting to get in), but did catch the internal webcast. The talk started over an hour late, but Tom was pretty entertaining. Lots of talk about his movie career and a couple more sneak peeks at MI-3 coming out this Spring.

For my money, I prefer to see movie stars just as they are: actors. I don’t want to know their political leanings or hear about Scientology or something about the couch. In this case, Tom Cruise delivered — he’s a Big Time movie star and that’s all that matters :)

Check out tons of pictures on Flickr: ytomcruise.

Tom Cruise at Yahoo, 2006-03-21

Gnomedex 6.0

Gnomedex 6.0 is set for the July 4th weekend in Seattle this summer. I missed the 2005 event, but definitely had fun at the 2004 meeting in Lake Tahoe. It looks like the conference has come a long way from its early days, but the $500 is pretty reasonable.

Chuck Norris Facts

Now here’s a site worth checking out: Chuck Norris Facts. I have to admit I’m kind of a closet Chuck Norris fan. Some of the movies were okay, but it was “Walker, Texas Ranger” that really had me hooked.

Read all the facts, including these nuggets:

  • Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.
  • If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you. If you can’t see Chuck Norris, you may be only seconds away from death.
  • 4 out of 5 doctors fail to recommend Chuck Norris as a solution to most problems. Also, 80% of doctors die unexplained, needlessly brutal deaths.

(See also IMDB: Chuck Norris.)

Chuck Norris Facts

Game On! Exhibit

Through the end of the year, the Tech Museum in downtown San Jose is hosting an exhibit called “Game On! — The History, Culture and Future of Videogames“:

Developed by the Barbican Museum in London, Game On is making its West Coast Premiere at The Tech. Be sure to experience this highly interactive exhibit while its in town! The Game On Exhibit examines videogames from the game design process, to the culture among gamers and beyond. Come experience the past forty years of electronic gaming, play over 100 games and be inspired to be the next innovator to make your mark in this exploding industry.

We were at the museum this week with a school field trip and discovered the exhibit (getting the kids to leave was a whole ordeal in itself…). I definitely want to return and go through all the games more closely. They really pulled together a large collection of arcade games, handhelds, and consoles. I thought it was really cool to see the progression of video games from the early Pong game to today’s XBox/Playstation/GameCube consoles.

Game On! Exhibit at San Jose Tech Museum