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Spotted at Work

A couple weeks back, while parking in the special “Dodge Pickup and Expensive Italian Supercar” lot at work, I spotted this beauty. I’m not up on my Ferrari models, but I think this is a 360 Spider.

Gnomedex 2005 in Seattle?

Chris Pirillo is busy planning Gnomedex 2005 which looks like it will be in Seattle Washington sometime this summer. Originally it sounded like Las Vegas was in the cards, but with Chris’ relocation to Seattle recently, I’m guessing it’ll be easier to organize if it’s in the Northwest. Had a great time last year and I hope to go again if I can.

Newly-Painted Pickup

The wait was longer than expected, but the new paint job on my Dodge truck is finally finished. Check out the photos which I’ve posted to Flickr.

I bought the truck earlier this year from a good friend. It’s in great shape mechanically, but the roof and hood paint was beyond fading (and had started to come off in spots). It wasn’t cheap, but now the truck looks brand-new. (Of course, now I’ll be more paranoid about where I park…don’t want any dents!)

Dodge Truck Photos on Flickr

Gnomedex Day 2

The Gnomedex conference continues today…

  • The Future of Online Content started well including
    discussions about the lack of individual blogging voices
    from big publishers (like NYTimes). Jason Calacanis gave
    some good insight behind Weblogs Inc; he mentioned being
    prepared for lawsuits which led to an interesting discussion
    (including apparently a cease-and-desist order from palmOne,
    probably about the Treo 650 pictures on
    This panel could use more focus – kind of wandered all over
    the place with a lot of strong personalities.
  • Wil Wheaton gave a great talk after lunch. The talk was
    primarily reading from his books. At first I thought it
    would be disappointing, but he really brought the stories
    out, beyond what you would get by just reading. Afterwards
    he was selling and autographing copies of his books and
    I was able to get both of them. When Wil saw I was from
    Yahoo, he was very excited to thank me/Yahoo for putting
    out the Unix/Linux version of Messenger — cool.
  • The Future of Online Advertising was an interesting
    discussion covering various forms of advertising, whether/how
    ads should be included in RSS, etc. Dave Taylor put together
    a summary of related links in: Make Money from your Web Site
    Gokul Rajaram from Google had a really good point that
    advertising models work well only when it has benefits
    for all three parties: users, publisher, and advertisers.