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20 Years of Super Bowl Ads

Getting geared up for the Super Bowl this weekend, which also means the usual anticipation, discussion, and review of all the TV advertising contained within. (About 33 minutes’ worth according to the NY Times.)

On the NY Times site today I discovered this cool multi-media exploration: The Super Ad Bowl:Two Decades of Players. They have a breakdown of all ads that ran during the big game each year, including a video player so you can relive your favorites.

The Super Ad Bowl:Two Decades of Players

The Times credits Adland as one of the sources for the data. Looks like a great site to follow if you’re at all into TV advertising.

Boycott the BCS

The baseball statistician Bill James wrote a great article called Boycott the BCS! this week in Slate, calling for his colleagues to boycott the BCS system for post-season college football.

His best quote relates to the perception that it’s the "computer" at fault when the results aren’t as expected:

This is reflected in the fact that the rankings are routinely described as "computer" rankings. Computers, like automobiles and airplanes, do only what people tell them to do. If you’re driving to Cleveland and you get lost and wind up in Youngstown, you don’t blame your car. If you’re doing a ranking system and you wind up with Murray State in western Kentucky as the national football champion, you don’t blame the computer.

NASCAR Sponsorship Exposure Value

This week the Sports Business Journal published their analysis of NASCAR sponsors’ exposure value for 2008:

For the second straight year, SportsBusiness Journal/Daily teamed with Kansas City-based sponsorship measurement firm Image Impact to measure the exposure received by companies doing business with NASCAR. This year, we captured and assessed more than 138,000 sponsor impressions, 44 percent more than last year’s study, through NASCAR’s 37-race Sprint Cup Series schedule, which includes the Sprint All-Star Race.

The study analyzed almost 600 individual sponsors and tracked their appearance on the TV broadcast of each race. The journal partnered with Image Impact who provided the software and expertise for “brand placement measurement and valuing.” The total exposure value for the 2008 season? $1.7 billion!

It sounds like the same sort of approach used to find numbers like Coke’s brand value, but perhaps with a bit more of an analytical side to it.

Read through the report for the details, but some of my highlights were:

  • Sprint carried the top spot at over $340M — I guess their decision to sponsor NASCAR’s top series (now known as the Sprint Cup) is paying off
  • With Kyle Busch having a breakout year, his primary sponsor M&Ms jumped from 61st to 17th on the list ($22M) — again, happy sponsors I’m sure
  • In the Home Improvement category, Lowe’s clearly beat out Home Depot, with a monetary value almost double — with the #48 car spending so much time out front this year, I’m not surprised
  • My local track (Infineon Raceway) led the list of races generating the most value for billboard sponsors — good old fashioned billboards!

NASCAR Starting Grid

NFL Viewership Maps

No, it’s not “red state” vs “blue state”. It’s the NFL’s allocation of regional game broadcasts on the two main broadcast networks (Fox and CBS). The site NFL TV Distribution Maps has the (unofficial) word on which games are shown where each weekend. The maps won’t tell you why your city gets a game you don’t care about, but at least you can see what a hodgepodge it is.

NFL Viewership Maps

(Via The Map Room)